Sunday, March 31

Easter Cheer!

Every year when I was a child I would receive dozens upon dozens of Easter eggs (as I have a lot of family members) I would inevitably get too many eggs. I would hungrily admire the eggs every year and probably eat them all within the space of two weeks (at most!). However one of the perks of getting older is that the tradition of receiving an unhealthy amount of Easter eggs dies down, and now I only get a few of my favourite ones: Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs. Yet despite being given less eggs, it takes me a lot longer to eat them, probably a couple of months for me to eat them leisurely  Irregardless of all of the yummy Easter eggs, I far prefer Easter to spend time with the family and eat a lovely roast dinner. 
Have a fabulous Easter!


  1. Thank you dear! Have a marvelous Easter yourself!xx

  2. Happy easter of real resurrection!!
    i wait for you everytime you need!!

  3. Our family has never been big on Easter, but now that I have kids, we do a lot of Easter stuff together. Yes, the older you get, the less eggs you eat. It's probably a good thing. And of course, love spending time with family.
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  4. Happy Easter :)

  5. Que bonito.


  6. Happy Easter! If you get a sec, check out my latest post.


  7. Love this photo! So young and free!))))


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